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Angelic Aqua Aura Essence Energy

Founded: Gabriela Yasmin Szafman

Aqua aura is a natural crystal that has been coated with gold fumes. Potentially Aqua Aura origins can be found anywhere, but most are man-made in the USA.

The Aqua Aura will Work:

Quartz has a harmonizing effect and aligns the chakra system.
Gold imparts a more assertive energy to the wearer and the blue colour helps stimulate the throat chakra, improving communications abilities through speaking.
Aqua Aura is an outstanding tool for people wishing to increase their psychic skills and awareness.
It assists with meditation, telepathy, and psychic healing by bringing more intense energy to the effort.
It is particularly helpful for distance spiritual energy healing because of its ability to send energy.
This wonderful quartz can assist one in plumbing one's emotional depths and heights while simultaneously retaining inner peace. It can also be an aid to those who wish to become conscious channels for spiritual wisdom, clearing and opening the pathways of inter dimensional communication.


The gemstone Aqua Aura maintains the wonderful healing and transmitting properties of clear quartz in addition to assisting one in channelling the higher energies of the angels. Physically Aqua Aura is reputed to help with throat problems, stress-related illness, immune system deficiencies, and the thymus gland.
Aqua Aura Quartz has a very high and intense vibration. It has been used to activate the energy of other minerals and gemstones for healing work, and can be a potent stone when used in body layouts for activation of the Chakras. It can be success fully applied to smooth and heal the Auric field, and to release negativity from one's emotional, physical, intellectual and spiritual bodies.

Angelic Aqua Aura Essence Energy - Master-$12.00

You will receive the Angelic Aqua Aura Essence Energy master manual via Email, All Attunements and a emailed certificate. Plus full email support is given before, during and after all my Workshops.

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