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By activating Angelic Ascension Energy you will begin to discover that you are a conduit for thoughts which are more Universal and are contained within a framework that extends well beyond your own personal life.

Your internal intuitive voice or the "Higher Self" within will become the commanding voice in your life.

In this workshop will be given a very powerful Angelic Attunement which can be used after the class to Heal yourself or others.

This Angelic Attunement may also be used to activate a special technique which greatly accelerates the loosing of the Subtle body for Astral Traveling.


You will be Attuned to an ancient Invocation to call the Angels for protection and help.

Another Primary aim of Angelic Ascension is spiritual developement or evolution of the 3rd eye.

Third Eye development through a very sophisticated Initiation and Procedure can result in recognition and clarity about life's true Nature and a recognition of Our Spiritual connection to life and Ultimate Destiny.

Hellow Victor- This morning, I had the most vivid experience ever. I started meditating on the Angelic Light attunement and almost immediately fell 'asleep'. I felt myself going really really deep inside, but it wasn't anything like even the faintest Samadhi must be because I had lost all control on the experience. It was more like falling in a very deep sleep and staying conscious. As I fell, I very distinctly heard the humming again and felt a very strong low frequency vibration (fasfter than normal chakra pulsing, but lower than very deep voice or the deepest instrument) inside my skull. I had an amazing dream, and most impressive of all was the music. It was singing, and I was making the music but the inspiration wasn't mine, if that makes any sense. It was completely different from hearing music on a record, it was live, right at the moment, changing with my ideas, but I couldn't control any of these ideas. I wasn't at all into "Angel stuff" before the attunement, but this music was a total cliché of what Angelic music is said to be like: harps bells and choir voices. Truely amazing. I often go to live classical music concerts and hear lots of singing, but again this really was different. It was singing for me inside me. Anyway this went on for what felt like ten minutes, then I was 'released' and it took me a lot of effort to actually "come back," I was so deep. When I looked at my watch 1.5 hours had passed !!!! I immediately thanked Uriel and Lakiel. Much Light, Pas

Angelic Ascension Level 1 - $95.00

You will receive the Angelic Ascension Manual via Email, All Attunements and a Printed certificate. Plus full email support is given before, during and after all my Workshops.

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