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Amethyst Fairy Orb

If you can see with a childs eye there is a world full of color, joy and wonder to be seen. The fairy realm reminds us to keep this joy and creativity alive. Each cave and hollow tree has a doorway to another world. Every flower, leaf and blade of grass has a story to tell. Streams sing and the winds whisper ancient secrets into the ears of those who will listen.

A fairy is a tiny being with wings, such as a butterfly wings. Fairies move quickly and can become invisible blending into the woods and nature very easily. They eat fruit mostly and enjoy music and dancing and having fun a lot of fun, especially by playing tricks on humans, such as with my car keys! They love to hide things, but if you ask nicely they will always return them! Just remember to say Thank You as well!

The fairies have huge abundance of knowledge and wealth and healing that they can bestow on us. All of the gifts and help they give had been touched by their own magic, as well as this empowerment!

Some of the uses for this new form are listed below:

* Abundance
* Money
* Prosperity
* Success
* Knowledge
* Wisdom
* Insight
* Perception
* Intelligence
* Understanding
* Love
* Romance
* Treasure of Mother Earth
* Dealing with Suffering
* Dealing with Loss
* Healing from Phsyical Issues
* Healing from Emotional Issues
* Healing with Spiritual Issues
* Bringing Happiness Into Ones Life
* Helping us to grow and develop

One large Attunement

Amethyst Fairy Orb-Master-Level-$15.00


You will receive the Amethyst Fairy Orb- Master Manual via Email, 1 Attunement and a emailed certificate. Plus full email support is given before, during and after all my Workshops.

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