Ama Deus

Extensive work done by Victor Glanckopf

Direct connection with Alberta Agua (telepathically) has bought forth many new additions for Ama Deus not found anywhere else on the planet but unfortuanetly a few are not being taught anymore!

Ama Deus is a very Sacred and powerful Energy system that originates from the central rainforest of Brazil.

Its important to know that the proper Attunements and Initiations are necessary for Ama Deus to work properly (Ama Deus works 50% without Attunements). Each Symbol must be attuned by a secret process just given to Victor by Alberto that very few people possess.

Ama Deus then becomes ALIVE and the energies reach their full Potential.

Ama Deus level 2 comes with a very powerful Master Symbol for healing only and Master Healing Technique/Ritual.

Ama Deus includes a special Lineage Mantra in the 2nd level that is activated to open a portal for the Lineage Masters to bestow their Loving Light and Inspiration on you!

Ama Deus then becomes likened to the beauty of the sacred Irapuru bird.

A beauty that is Divine!

The Holiness of Ama Deus is sanctified in the lineage Initiation.

Over 26 Attunements/Empowerments/Initiations which Include

  1. Depossession symbol

  2. Birthday symbol

  3. All purpose energy

  4. Heart attunements

  5. Healing Moon symbol

  6. Depossession symbols

  7. Long distance symbol

  8. Purificaton symbol

  9. Friend symbol

  10. Emergency symbol

  11. World leader symbol

  12. Attunement for clearing a channel to your guides

  13. Master Healing Technique

  14. Power Spot Empowerment*

  15. Sacred Mantra plus much more!

Ama Deus Level 1-$125.00-26 Symbol Attunements

Ama Deus Level 2-$150.00-Master Healing Technique & Symbol/Connection Mantra

Good Morning Victor, Before I say anything else let me say THANK YOU again. The attunements for Ama Deus were truly special. All the attunements that I have received until now, from others, have been remote-good, but what a difference from what I experienced receiving Ama Deus from you! I was able to ask questions, to receive, to learn, to be guided in this truly sacred and beautiful healing modality.
Be well and God bless you, with love, Maria

Dear Victor, Before I say anything else - Thank you so much for the most beautiful experience I have ever had! Your advice and instructions followed by the initiations was a very sacred moment for me. I felt the energies and I was full of peace, joy and love. Perhaps you had the impression that I was too quiet. But I understood everything and was overwhelmed completely by the feelings of love and the energy. The visualization, was indescribably beautiful and instilled deep respect. I am in an humble attitude to this sacred teaching of the shamans. I am very grateful. Thats the reason why I was so calm. After our conversation I felt the energy flow for more than a half and an hour in my entire body. The shamans worked with me. In a dream tonight I lived through the initiation again.

Thank you so much, I worked with Reiki for around 8 years (received first 4 levels in-person) and different other energy modalities; but Ama Deus is special and it is incomparable with anything. I am proud that I received it from you. I am grateful - thank you, thank you, thank you, sending you love and bright blessings, Sebastian

Victor, We have completed the attunements and are really grateful for the experience. Almost all attunement segments were full of mental images. We both had the vision of and old indian, with a very wrinkly face, all the time. During the start (attunement 1 to 3) I (Mirea) had the impression of someone being present in the room with us. We had, during several attunement segments, the sensation of strong energy surge in the palms. Daniela saw many images of indian life including animals (birds, a tamed wolf, river and boats, a waterfall, the rainforest, etc.). She saw a spiral of smoke from the old indian (at 10 to 12). The indian was dancing or speaking in many instances I (Mirea) had the impression of the old indian speaking to me in an unknown language and he came to me and put his hands on my top of the head and I felt energy entering my aura. Generally, my impression was the energy was golden and I saw a golden bird with curled feathers at the back of its head. For both, there were moments with the third eye activation. Thank you, Daniela & Mirea

You will receive the correct Ama Deus Manual via Email, All Attunements and a emailed certificate. Plus full email support is given before, during and after all my Workshops.

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