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Aji Pamungkas Diri

Founded By Hari:

-Boost your magical and spiritual powers, absorb cosmic power and enhances your psychic centers-

Pre-requisite: Usui Master

This system will boost your magickal powers and all magickal and spiritual powers within you. It helps you to absorb cosmic power, opens and activates the psychic centers of your energy-body. It will accelerate your magickal development, and unfold your magickal and spiritual potentials.

Aji Pamungkas Diri is also for increase and enhancing your psychic abilities.

After receiving the initiation, its power will work automatically on you all of the time through your higher self , however a mantra will be provided which increase the mystical power of AJI PAMUNGKAS DIRI in you on all levels when you chant it.

This energy system carries a very very high energy frequency, in the manual you will find an excercise/energy treatment which allow you to integrate this light and inject it to your 7 main chakras in order of opening and activating them and awake their mystical powers!

I highly recommend this initiation to ramp up your spiritual level and psychic capabilities and provides ways for you to gain what you need in the spiritual field quickly!

You'll receive 1 distant energy attunement by chi ball method and the original manual & audio.

Aji Pamungkas Diri-master- $80.00

You will receive the Aji Pamungkas Diri Master manual via Email, All Attunements and a emailed certificate. Plus full email support is given before, during and after all my Workshops.

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