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After The Rain Empowerment

Founded by Nicole Lanning

Water is elemental nature itself! Some even suggest that water is the soul elixir of life. Water, as itself, moistening, creating, interpenetrating, interlocking, connecting and uniting many many things.

The rainwater in the clouds is energized and metaphysically purified, then when flowing down, down, down to the earth and humans and animals alike brings this wonderful purification to us. It falls on the trees, plants, herbs, ground cleansing and purifying everything it touches.

This form is one that can be used at any time and anywhere. When you think of what happens after a rain, what images come to your mind? Fresh? Renewed? After the rain empowerment is one that washes away all of the negativity and stagnant energy residing in your auric layers and in your 7 main chakras and meridians. This is a washing of a sort, to remove the stagnant and negativity hiding or residing whether we know about it or not, it is there.

Purification of ones self on all levels
Purification of water, food, medicines, people, places and things
State of Awareness
Inner Peace
Soul Searching

After The Rain Empowerment - Master-$15.00

Hi, Thank you so much for the Attunement! I am honored to serve to the Light.. The Attunement was amazing! Right now I am feeling overjoyed!

You will receive the After The Rain Empowerment master manual via Email, All Attunements and a emailed certificate. Plus full email support is given before, during and after all my Workshops.

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