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Light Workers Package

Any 10-$50.00

LW All Saints Empowerment
LW Candlemas Empowerment
LW Christmas Joy
LW Energy of the City
LW Epiphany
LW Flower of Scotland
LW Gilgamesh Empowerment
LW Heart and Soul Reiki
LW Hidden Treasure Reiki
LW Joan of Arc Initiation
LW Lady Julian of Norwich
LW Lammas Empowerment
LW Lazarus Empowerments
LW Lindisfarne Empowerment
LW Mark Initiation
LW Martin Luther Empowerment
LW Meister Eckhart Empowerment
LW Michaelmas Empowerment
LW Michaelmas Empowerment
LW Milton Erickson Initiation
LW New Celtic Reiki
LW New Covenant Empowerment
LW Odyssey Empowerment
LW Palm Sunday Empowerment
LW Pilgrims Progress Empowerments
LW Prodigal Son Initiation
LW Saint Andrew
LW Saint Anthony Empowerments
LW Saint Augustine Empowerment
LW Saint Benedict Empowerment
LW Saint Brendan Empowerment
LW Saint Brigid Empowerment
LW Saint Catherine of Siena Empowerment
LW Saint Cecilia Initiation
LW Saint Columba (Trilogy)
LW Saint Columbanus Empowerment
LW Saint David of Wales Empowerment
LW Saint George of England Empowerment
LW Saint Ignatius Loyola Empowerment
LW Saint John of the Cross Empowerment
LW Saint Margaret (Trilogy)
LW Saint Thomas the Apostle Empowerment
LW Scottish Saints Trilogy
LW St Therese of Child Jesus
LW The Interior Castle Attunement
LW Transparency Reiki
LW Twelve Days

Light Workers Package Master-Any 10-$50.00

OR ONE FREE With Any Course You Take
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You will receive the correct Light Workers Course Master manual via Email, All Attunements and a emailed certificate. Plus full email support is given before, during and after all my Workshops.

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