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72 Names Of God Empowerments

"Feed Your Soul" ~Victor

Founded By: Victor Glanckopf

Prerequisite: Any Advanced Energy Work

The 72 Names of God comes from the Divine and they are a power source that tap into the infinite spiritual current!

The 72 Names of God consists of three-letter Hebrew combinations that create powerful energy fields when activated.

Activating these Empowerments will connect you to the energy of transformation to assist in raising consciousness and transforming your life.

According to Kabbala, the prophet Abraham was the first to receive the sacred knowledge of the 72 names of power.

The 72 Names of God Empowerments create a spiritual vibration that is powerful and effective in neutralizing the negative energy of the human ego.

The 72 Names of God Empowerments contain the exact energies for your divine blueprint.

The 72 Names of God Empowerments are sacred keys to open the doors of your mind.

The 72 Names of Power Empowerments will assist you in removing negative vibrations and achieving peace and fulfillment.

You can embrace life more fully by activating the 72 Names of God energies.

The 72 Names of God Empowerments will help you create a higher consciousness so you can heal your soul.

The 72 Names God Empowerments will help you manifest divine thoughts.

The 72 Names of God Empowerments will help you confront and rapidly transform almost any circumstance in your life: physical, emotional, material, or spiritual.

The 72 Names of God Empowerments Workshop energies will provide you with major shifts in your vibrations including your DNA and spiritual levels.

72 Names Of God Empowerments-$150.00

Just wanted to thank u again! The energies of Damballah, The 72 names of God, Miracle Blessings, Seventh Angel are amazing and I am getting lots out of them in my healing work! I am also learning lots about the Kabbalah and Enochian Angelic work as I devlve deeper into the energies. You are an amazing man and the energy systems and work you offer are astounding ....and I want you to know that!-James

Hi -Victor-The energies went very deep, almost to deep! I am a little dizzy now but loving it. Peace, Mike

Hi, The 72 Names of God attunements were strong and felt like they were very high vibrational energies. There was a strong pressing pressure around my head and a strong pressure in my chest - heart area. I felt light-headed and dizzy a few times. It felt like it went very deep into me. Thank you so much for the opportunity to receive these attunements. I am humbled by the privilege to do so. Thanks again! Amituofo!

Victor, I love the 72 names of God attunements! They are so beautiful and powerful. They come in waves of encoded information. It is fascinating. I can see the codes in my third eye, sort of like glowing. I can't wait to do more. Love (you are in my heart, I appreciate you deeply)! Clara

Hi-72 Names of God Empowerment was strong it went deep I felt my crown charka open up thanks this was done safely. I will continue to work with all of them. My body feels like energy is running through it constantly. Pat

Hi Victor, Thanks so much for this amazing attunement! Have a wonderful weekend! Ann

You will receive the correct 72 Names Of God Empowerments manual via Email, All Empowerments and a Printed certificate. Plus full email support is given before, during and after all my Workshops.

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