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Four Sons of Horus

Founder Farhad Najafi

Horus had four sons which were generally grouped together and said to be born of Isis.

They were: Imsety, Duamutef, Hapy, Quebehsenuef, born from a Lotus Flower and said to be the Gods of Creation

Generally they are known as the protectors of specific bodily organs with each son being protected by a Goddess.

The Egyptian funeral preparations involved the removal of specific soft organs which would decompose the body more quickly should they remain once mummified and these organs were stored in canopic jars each one depicting one particular son of Horus whilst the body was prepared for the burial chamber.

The system itself focuses on the specific healing of bodily organs whilst calling upon each God and each individual God/son of Horus's name can be vibrated like a Mantra to charge water and specific objects for healing.

This is a beautiful system which carries four attunements, one for each God and is given by higher self/chi ball attunement. You will receive 4 attunements, I high quality Pdf manual and certificate, manual and certificate will be sent on Cd postage includedin my offer price but should you prefer an alternative method of delivery can be arranged so please specify your preference once you have purchased.

Four Sons of Horus-Master Level-$27.00


You will receive the correct Four Sons of Horus Master Attunements - and correct PDF manual via Email, and a emailed certificate. Plus full email support is given before, during and after all my Workshops.

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