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25 Huna Empowerments

Huna is a powerful and transforming system of practices, teachings, philosophy, energy work and more. This is a set of energy work practices given by attunement. The functions given in these attunements and the information and practices are drawn from the teachings and practices now called Huna. This workshop is primarily an energy work system utilizing energies and information from Hawaiian Kahuna teachings.

In most Kahuna practices, Mana is acquired and wisdom is developed by practicing exercises, meditations, energy work, chanting, sacred dance, trance visualizations or other components of specific schools and families of the practices. Most Huna experience is internal and spiritual and goes beyond language. With Huna practice, we can become happy, we can become wiser, we are able to manifest our dreams. We develop an understanding of how the universe really works. This workshop uses attunement to transmit the ability to do energy work and to enhance the various practices and meditations.

Huna Empowerments allow a person to receive powerful energies that shift the perceptions of their being - spiritual, physical, and emotional.

Huna Empowerments are an initiation where you receive powerful energies that you can then access at any time for yourself or others by mentally directing the flows, which mean no visualization, complex symbols, mantras, etc.

Once you are attuned to the energies, you only need to think the 'key' word or phrase to run the energy on yourself or others. The more you activate the attunements, the stronger they will flow within your system.

You will receive the following Energies:

Mana Carrying Energy Body Enhancement
Aura Strengthening Attunement
Mana Fountain Attunement And Meditation
Earth Blessings Attunement And Booster
Ha Breath Method And Attunement
Breath Enhancement
Nervous System Enhancement
Circulatory System Enhancement
Organ Enhancement
Heart Foundation Attunement
Eye Of The Kanaloa Flower Attunement
Subconscious Cleansing Shakti
Mental Clearing Shakti
Detoxification Shakti
Huna Healing Shakti
Kahi Healing Procedure
Harmonizing The Three Selves
Heart Of The Sun
Cross of Fire
Le a Gladness Water And Shakti
Now Manawa Attunement
Five Element Cycle
Ho-O-Pono-Pono Shakti
Huna Soul Fusion
Nalu Meditation
Individualized Energy Work

25 Huna Empowerments-Practitioner-$45.00


You will the 25 Huna Empowerments Master Attunement manual manual via Email, and a emailed certificate. Plus full email support is given before, during and after all my Workshops.

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