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21 Taras

Tara has 21 primary emanations which perform different activities such as pacifcation, increase and so forth. The different colors of these 21 Taras correspond to the 4 different types of enlightened activity:

White represents the Enlightened activity of pacifying, for example overcoming sickness, causes of untimely death and obstacles to success in one's life or one's practice.

Yellow represents the Enlightened activity of increasing the positive qualities conducive to a long life, peace, happiness and success in one's Dharma practice.

Red represents the Enlightened activity of power, or overpowering external forces that cannot be tamed through the frst two activities, for example, removing obstacles to sickness, untimely death, etc., and forcefully accumulating conducive conditions for one's Dharma practice.

Black represents the Enlightened activity of wrath, which involves using forceful methods for accomplishing activities for Enlightened purposes that cannot be accomplished through other means.

Through these attunement's you will not only be energetically connected to the 21 tara's but you will also be attuned to the variety of attributes that each tara holds.

You will also be taught the praises to the 21 tara's which can be used when calling in the attunement's. your nature so that you can transmute them into light to heal yourself.

One Attunement

21 Taras- Mastership Workshop-$15.00
Or Free With Any Workshop

You will receive the 21 Taras Master manual via Email, All Attunements and a emailed certificate. Plus full email support is given before, during and after all my Workshops.

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