Money Reiki

Wealth Pot

You align yourself with the intention that you can and will earn money with integrity by following your highest path. You remove energetic blocks that cause you to sabotage yourself with money.

If your bank account is frequently overdrawn, if you tend to have late fees on your bills, or if you have other financial management problems, Money Reiki should help.

You become more capable of manifesting money in your life. Money Reiki is not a "get-rich-quick" scheme. It is here to help transform the energy of money on the planet in addition to helping you personally. The big difference between Money Reiki philosophy and most prosperity programs is the acknowledgement that collective negative thought forms and energies surrounding money also need to be cleared and healed. If you are excited about the idea of helping everyone become more prosperous then Money Reiki is for you!

Money Reiki Practitioner E-Course (Level I)

In this course you will learn how to use Money Reiki energies, including performing treatments, giving financial blessings, and creating a money magnet. Includes manual in PDF format, practitioner attunement, and a certificate.

Money Reiki Practitioner E-Course (Level I) - $27

Money Reiki Master E-Course-Level 2

This course delves deeper into Money Reiki - you will get three new symbols and more tools to use Money Reiki, as well as the Master level attunement and ability to attune others to Money Reiki.

Money Reiki works to help you manifest your life purpose on this planet, so this course also covers the issues that may come up for you as you make these shifts, and how to ride through the rough spots as your life gets adjusted to support your purpose. Includes manual in PDF format, Master level attunement, and a Printed Certificate

Prerequisite: Money Reiki Practitioner

Money Reiki Master E-Course (Level II) - $27

Money Reiki Grand Master E-Course

Money Reiki Level III is the Grand Master level. It is not required to pass Money Reiki attunements.

At this level, you receive a powerful attunement to rewire your energy system to become a "money magnet."

You will be able to pass all Money Reiki Attunements to others.

You will receive a pdf manual by email, one distance Attunement and a printed certificate. You will need to have been attuned to Money Reiki Master Level 2 by either myself or another teacher and a copy of your certificate will be required.

Money Reiki Grand Master E-Course (Level III) - $45

Hi, I wanted to let you know that I have activated the 3 first attunements and something magical happened. It is as if I became one with this sacred energy. That is the very first time in my life that I am experiencing it in such a pure sacred way. I never thought money energy was sooooo pure. Thank you with all my heart! VERY GRATEFUL! Namaste,Yvoni

Hi- When I got money reiki attunement my root chakra felt cleansed. I just infused the energy to my phone and then in three days so many customers called to order from my shop. Thanks a lot. In next workshop I will order Master and Grand Master - Hansen

Hi, This attunement was wonderful. Very soft and good energy. I saw a bright light,then symbols (lot of them)and also Buddha. I felt something in my root chakra, crown chakra and a little pain in my right knee. Thank you for the Attunement & Bless you, Sol

Hi-I wanted to thank you, for the attunements. The Money Reiki attunement was quiet a surprise. It's energy adressed an area in my energetic body, i never suspected any relationship with money. I just orderd level II en Level III. I am looking forward to feel the energy related to the master levels. Love and light, Sigrid.

You will receive the correct Money Reiki Manual via Email, All Empowerments and a emailed certificate. Plus full email support is given before, during and after all my Workshops.

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