Huna Plus

Birds of Paradise

Profound Healing and Spirituality

Original Teachings of the Planet

HUNA (meaning secret) is one of the oldest spiritual and healing traditions.

It teaches a celebration of life and a combining of the spiritual with the material; that is a merging of matter and spirit rather than transcendence of the physical plane.

Huna is an inseparable part of the original "creative thoughts" which sparked the creation of human beings.

You could think of Huna as being the blue print for the human experience.

Huna is much more than a philosophy, it is a way of life that gives us a set of practices that are simple yet, profoundly transformational.

It is an energy system that places as much emphasis on connecting with your spirituality as it does on connecting to the earth, your body, and your emotions.

The permanent Attunements and Initiations given in this workshop are very powerful!

Activation of these Attunements after this workshop is easily achieved for healing and spiritual advancement for yourself and others.

Loving Energies Of Huna Plus

Kanoloa Attunement-powerful all purpose energy.

Kaihu Attunement & Technique.

Ha Breathing

Healing Mother Earth and Ourselves the Huna Way

Mind Clearing Attunement and Technique

Kahuna Energy Circuit Revealed Technique

Mana Aura Attunement

Mental Attunement

12 Attunements In Level 1.

Once you receive these multiple Attunements and Initiations you will feel an instant connections to some of the most beautiful Energies imaginable.

Your aura will be protected; you will be able to cleanse your mental and emotional bodies instantaneously.

You will be able to connect with Mother Earth in a new and powerful way.

Your mind will become attuned to the sun and you will be able to blissfully merge with it.

Building and nurturing a profound love relationships will be become much easier for you.

Huna Plus Level 1-$150.00

Huna Plus Level 2-$75.00

Hi Victor, I wanted to give you an update. The Crystal has changed quite a bit. The crystal was smooth on 5 sides. Now it is smooth on 3 sides. It has formed these indented lines over most of the crystal. Including one major indent, it looks like someone carved a line in the crystal. I am not accustomed to owning a crystal, but this is pretty weird, how much it has changed since you attuned it. On Saturday afternoon, I had a pair of visions in my waking state. I had just come home from lunch, and staring at me upstairs is an energy form 2 feet long of Blue/Green with a violet aura. Looked like an oval head with an umbilical chord. It disappeared after a minute or so. Then I went out and looked at my pond in the back of my house and there was this brownish gold energy out on the water. It seemed to come up close to the edge of the water, and was bouncing front and back. I was startled, but also felt comfortable with this experience as it is the first time anything like this has happened. Thanks and hope all is well. TD

HI- I feel a subtle shift this morning. Last night, a huge POP/CRACK startled me in my lower left eardrum as I was drifting off to sleep. I felt like my body was shifting into place, It was an unusual sensation. I felt as if some energy blocakage was being cut through. T

You will receive the Huna Plus Manual via Email, All Attunements and a emailed certificate. Plus full email support is given before, during and after all my Workshops.

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