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Maha Vajra Kalachakra Shaktipat

Founded By Ramon Martinez Lopez

Maha Vajra Kalachakra Shaktipat gives you a vehicle of light with specific qualities and quantity of spiritual energy to lineament with your soul and physical body.

Maha Vajra Kalachakra Shaktipat is not affiliated to any Buddhist tradition. In Maha Vajra Kalachakra Shaktipat there are several empowerments and lineaments that provides you with information about spiritual energy, how it can be access consciousness and activate like biophoton energy.

It is spiritual energies that biologically affect our cells, DNA and systems involve into. On the other hand, an extent of different attunements are described such as KalaChakra and different channels of energy in your body like meridians, and more. It is to increase your connection with energy sources, ancient ones and new frequencies for spiritual development.

You do not need to be an expert but a sincere seeker of soul connection. Shaktipat is not "instant enlightenment", because the consciousness could not handle such radical changes, most people could not handle it all coming up so quickly, but Shaktipat does make for a smoother process. Shaktipat tends to be gentle, "To each according to their need and ability to receive, and not more than they can handle". These energies are outstanding and always will be.

Includes attunements for meridians, chakras, nadis to a greater extent and new ones like ultra-gold energy in supra galactic heavens and earth core.

Some of the Attunements:

Susumna nadi
Vaira nadi
chitrini nadi
brahma, nadi
Brain balancing tantra
Amethyst fire ray
Shaktipat Holy Grail initiation

You will also receive 112 pages pdf manual Ebook and Lineage!

Maha Vajra Kalachakra Shaktipat- Master-$150.00

You will receive the Maha Vajra Kalachakra Shaktipat Master manual via Email, All Attunements and a emailed certificate. Plus full email support is given before, during and after all my Workshops.

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